La Luna is a singing duo of Finnish-South African origin.  As a relatively new combination we take our music very seriously and hope to perform as much as possible in the years ahead to eventually be able to fill a niche in Finland.

Our performances are aimed towards a variety of audiences appreciative of good music performance and interpretation.  Our music spreads many genres and will most certainly find appeal with young and old.

The songs performed as part of our repertoire creates an atmosphere of tranquility and sets a romantic mood.  Allow us to sweep you off your feet and transport you to another world as you join us on our musical journey.

As a duo we perform a range of songs, but we specialize in semi-classical and cross-over repertoire, Josh Groban being one of the artists of choice.  Ballads are one of the focal areas in terms of our performances.  Our show also includes a selection of solo performances signifying our individual styles.

As members of our society we also endeavor to develop upcoming talent and to facilitate this we include students from the International School of Vantaa in our performances as we find that giving back to the community is essential and providing the youth with opportunities for exposure is vital in nurturing talent.  

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